Entry #17

Full Body Art w/ Red-Lining

2012-09-03 13:06:19 by Blazejsg

Song of the..week? o-o
Oooh, you capture my attention.
Carefully listening, don't want to miss a thing.
Keeping my eyes on you...~

This is my attempt of a 'Full Body" concept.
It's a very messy, but It's something different from all my chibis/face frame art.

Full Body Art w/ Red-Lining


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2012-09-03 14:50:21

I like. :3

I think the way you draw faces is always really awesome. You definitely have that down. You're also much better than i am about drawing people proportionately.

I like your style n__n

Blazejsg responds:

I'm glad you like it Bizzy!
I'm sure you'll get better at drawing :3 your little characters; just like me learning how to color these.

Thank you~


2012-09-03 20:06:31

You have some talent of art and u should try to make a lot of art submissions :3